Friday, February 5, 2016

My Visit to Sierra Leone: Part 1

Lungi-Freetown Ferry
I just came back from Sierra Leone. I went back home on a short visit after many years living abroad, or as they call it in Sierra Leone, "the diaspora." The saying "no place like home," sounds like an old cliche, but in all sincerity, no truer words were ever uttered. When as a nomad, which I am, you go back to the land where you were born, you get this strange feeling that this is where I belong. It is not even an African thing. I have been to many countries in Africa, but it is only Sierra Leone that completes me.

When I went to my village Nyandeyama, deep in the interior of Kenema district, everybody knew me.  Even the young ones who did not know me had heard about me. I was back in my element. I was back in the land of my birth. I was back in the place where I belonged. In Segbwema....... What can I say? I was back in my element, though the town had changed beyond recognition.


I had left Sierra Leone during a period of great bitterness, leaving behind a beautiful country blighted by war and untold human suffering. It was a period of insanity, a period when men temporarily took leave of their senses. It was a period in which violence became normal and death became commonplace. Sierra Leone today seems to have put that sad past behind. The people look happy, even in the midst of the grueling poverty and commerce seems to be really thriving. With Ebola over, everybody is back to their normal life, the struggle for survival.

Unemployment in Sierra Leone remains very high and the levels of poverty are just heartbreaking. But even in the midst of this terrible deprivation, there is an optimism that was absent in Sierra Leone just ten years ago. There is a general belief that the future will be better. The people thrive on hope and the solace of community. It was a beautiful feeling.

Having lived in Minnesota for many years, a land where people believe that the only hands in which you can trust your destiny is yours, it was sad to see the confidence the common people in Sierra Leone still had in the political class of the country. There are very few community development initiatives. Everybody blames the government. Sierra Leone communities, at the village or section level, meet for funerals, weddings, society initiations and other social programs, but communities do not meet to make their village roads better. The farmers' co-operatives of the past are either absent or exist only in few areas.
Mano Junction

When I went to my village Nyandeyama, I passed through the villages of Vaahun, Komende Station and Borbwehbu. Leaving Nyandeyama for Kenema, I came through Jormu Kafeibu, Nikabo and a spattering of other smaller villages. I was lucky that we had a trusty old Toyota. The roads to these villages were worse than I had left them years ago and some were truly dangerous. The people of the villages, including their section and town chiefs, do not even think of even getting the youths together to take some of the big stones off the road. The village roads are bad, everybody blames the politicians. Many top politicians in Sierra Leone have never even heard of Nyandeyama or Jormu Kafeibu, so how would they make these far off roads? Everybody seemed to be dancing in the dark.
When I told the relatives in my van that we could actually do some of this work ourselves, they thought I was crazy. "Unfortunately," I told them, it is not politicians who ply these roads everyday, it is ourselves. But I was like a methodist priest preaching to a congregation of catholics.
Segbwema Jaygay Power

So, until our politicians one day decide that the road to Nyandeyama is worth making, we will continue to seek treatment for the achy joints resulting from all the wobbling and shaking when traveling on bad roads, in these marginal lands.

The Okada, motorcycle transport, is now the only way to get to some of the villages. And the way I saw the Okada drivers maneuvering around the rocks and boulders on the roads, I firmly resolved that traveling on one of those contraptions to my village was just not on my immediate plan. Maybe I will try them on my next visit. I did ride one in Kenema though. The driver immediately told me that I had never sat on one of these before. I was sitting crooked. Back let me go back to the day I came to Sierra Leone, to Lungi International Airport.
Wesley Secondary School
My Alma Mater

My Air France Airbus landed in Sierra Leone from Paris an hour late. Where at most airports, only passengers and few airport personnel are allowed in baggage claims, at Lungi International Airport, as soon as the baggages get on the carousel, it seems as if everyone who has clearance gets into baggage claim. When the first of my bags arrived, a fellow who did not look like a traveler grabbed my bag with supreme confidence off the carousel and proceeded to quietly put it by his side. I walked up to him with even greater confidence and quietly took my bag.
"Is that your bag?" He asked.
"Is it yours?" I asked.
He faded away quickly, the embarrassment plastered all across his weather beaten face. I made no fuss.
With My Younger Brother

By the time we got to the ferry terminal at Lungi, the last ferry had departed for Freetown. As we had a Toyota van, we bought more fuel to take the long Port Loko route to Freetown. We generously gave lift to some travelers coming from Holland and their delegation. They had also missed the ferry. They were traveling with some relative who had come to receive them at the airport but had not brought a vehicle.
Kenema Plaza

So we traveled to Freetown, all our minds on some holiday makers from America who had died at the Rogbere bridge just two weeks prior. When we got to the bridge there was a bump in front of the bridge that could have been responsible for many accidents. We drove carefully on that bridge and drove slowly the rest of the way. The road was good all the way and many of the villages along the way had solar lights. It was a beautiful scene in the deep of the warm night.

There is one thing that is great these days about Sierra Leone. Many of the main roads have been repaired and tarred. The road from Freetown to Segbwema is truly great. Driving to Segbwema, which used to be a whole day's journey, could now be done in about three to four hours. The only reason you won't do it faster is the irritating speed bumps that are all over the road, before and after every big town. I know the speed bumps are for safety, but they are so many and so irritating, and could actually cause the same accidents they are trying to prevent, if a driver is not too careful.
But on the whole, traveling to the interior is now a happy affair and one of the signature achievements of the current President, Ernest Bai Koroma. Probably to remind the country of this achievement, every so often his beaming smile is on a sign post or a building with the slogan," Action Pass Intention."

As a JC (Jus Cam), a term reserved for Sierra Leoneans resident abroad who occasionally go home to visit, I really enjoyed my short stay in Sierra Leone, though I went under sad circumstances. JCs are both loved, envied and sometimes hated in Sierra Leone, the latter because of their antics. However, people were extremely nice to me. I was a well behaved JC it seems.  I was neither obnoxious nor outrageous. I did the best I could to blend in.
Flew with Isha Sesay of CNN

I stayed away from Freetown,the capital of Sierra Leone, for much of my  visit. I had initially intended to spend much of my time in Freetown, but the overpopulation, the traffic, the pollution, the dust and the lack of urban planning has made this once beautiful city into one big chaotic mess. It simply was not the place for me. I was not used to the frenetic pace.

The Bo School-My Alma Mater
Urban planning in Freetown seems to be virtually nonexistent. It seems as if people just buy lands and build houses in any direction that suits their fancy. You can look around a neighborhood and see houses facing in whichever direction. Many of the houses, built by affluent locals, politicians, and JCs, are truly beautiful. But it is beauty made truly ugly by lack of coordination. Another thing I noticed about Freetown was the dense smoke pollution that was everywhere, particularly in the Eastern part of the city. Why people will want to be burning garbage in such a densely populated city was a mystery I just couldn't fathom. The smoke casts a ghostly haze over the Eastern part of the city and sometimes it is difficult to breath. Western Freetown is still beautiful, but Eastern Freetown is like a large urban village. It is truly a tale of two cities.
To Be Continued..........,

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Saint Paul Minnesota Snow Emergency


Visit or Call 651-266-PLOW (7569) for complete information.

On 12/29/15 beginning at 9:00 P.M., all NIGHT PLOW ROUTES will be plowed. This includes all arterial or main streets posted with signs that say "NIGHT PLOW ROUTE" and one side of all north-south residential streets posted with signs that say "NIGHT PLOW ROUTE-THIS SIDE OF STREET".

On 12/30/15 beginning at 8:00 A.M. all DAY PLOW ROUTES will be plowed. This includes all non-posted east-west residential streets and the non-posted side of north-south residential streets.

Parking is banned until streets are plowed full width. Ticketing and towing will begin at 9:00 P.M. the day the snow emergency is declared and continues until parking restrictions are removed. For more information visit our website at

Please shovel your sidewalk to help those who have trouble getting around. If you are a corner property owner please shovel the walkways to the street. City ordinance requires you to keep your sidewalk free of snow and ice.

Si aad u heshid macluumaad, fadlan booqo bogagga luqadaha badan ee laga helo bogga internetka degdegga barafka

Xav paub ntxiv ua Lus Hmoob, thov mus xyuas cov vas sab ua ntau hom lus sau txog kev kaus te kub ceev

Para obtener información en español, visite las páginas web multilingües en el sitio web de emergencias causadas por la nieve en

Please share this information with family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers!

Thank you!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Santa Claus-Father Christmas

Santa Claus
When we were children we never knew him as Santa Claus. The portly man in the bright red suit with the white fluffy cotton trim and the thick snow-white woolly beard. The jolly red Saint Nicholas.

Back in Sierra Leone, we called him "Father Christmas."  Methinks the name Santa Claus was either too foreign or the title Father Christmas was much easier to understand and relate to. Only those from very educated families called him Santa Claus. Back where we grew up there were not many of those.
As opposed to USA where there is usually a live Santa Claus at each major mall, it was very difficult to see a real Santa Claus or Father Christmas on the streets of Freetown in those days.

In the first place Santa Claus' suit is more fitted to the colder wintry climes. Even though we had the Harmattan wind blowing from the Sahel through Guinea into Freetown around that time,  Santa Claus' suit was a major inconvenience to wear on the warm dusty streets of Eastern Freetown.

Secondly, Santa carried some weight. Sierra Leone is not renowned for portly men, except the politicians or very senior civil servants, in which case they wouldn't want to dress like Santa around Christmas. In Sierra Leone important people behaved like important people. That is what was expected.

Finally Santa was white, or so the pictures portray him. Finding a portly white man to dress like Santa  Claus in Freetown those days would have been close to a miracle. The nearest we had to whites in Freetown were our Lebanese and Syrian brothers and the Indians. However, this group were either Muslims or Hindu. They were definitely not your typical "Father Christmas" crowd.
Father Christmas

So if we could find one in those days, we usually had the lean, black Santa Claus who was prone to taking too many Star Beer bottles. We grew up thinking, mistakenly, that Santa was a drunk. In Freetown those days, Santa was almost always drunk. We had lean black Santas with a fondness for beer or illicit brew.

As a child, I never really liked Santa Claus or Father Christmas. Not that it was really my fault. Santa Claus in my young opinion only cared for the rich kids in Samaria School,  and I was not one of them. After the Christmas holidays, when we all went back to school,  the rich kids would always have the most beautiful toys left by Santa under their Christmas trees. Now if I had completed primary school in my hometown Segbwema, that wouldn't have been a problem, as Santa Claus never went to Segbwema. But I was dragged to Freetown for schooling at an early age and grew up to know that Santa Claus came to town around Christmas bearing gifts. For the rich children he brought the coolest toys.  For the poor children, he brought the small plastic bag full of tiny green soldiers with guns. Somehow, Santa's gifts always seem to reflect how wealthy your parents were. So I grew up thinking that Santa did not like poor kids. The poor kids got those green toy soldiers for Christmas and after the holidays you would find them everywhere. Santa brought them to Freetown in abundance.

This Christmas Santa would not be making many trips to the Middle East. Islamic fundamentalism is making that area of the world a very dangerous place for Christians. It is at times like this that the world can learn a lesson or two from Sierra Leone. You see in Sierra Leone we may have our many problems,  but we have enormous respect for other people's beliefs.
We live in the same communities, Muslims and Christians. On Friday the Muslims take over the towns and on Sundays the Muslims do. When we pray in schools and meetings, we leave room for religious democracy. Muslims pray and Christians pray. If you don't want to pray you keep quiet and respect the rights of those who want to pray. That's the way it is and hopefully that's they way it will always be. Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself. Christians in Sierra Leone practice this. The Quran instructs Muslims to tell those who do not believe that, "your way is yours and my way is mine." Sierra Leone Muslims believe this.
This Christmas all we ask for is a little religious tolerance.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015: A Salone Man in Minnesota

Today I woke up to snow on my doorsteps. Sometime during the night, the snow had come like an unwelcome stranger and dumped four inches of fluffy stuff in our backyard. If we had listened to the forecast, we would have gone to bed expecting the snow. Unfortunately, yesterday we came across an old Sam Fan Thomas Album on YouTube, "African Typic Collection" and it was all that we listened to. Sam Fan Thomas, Youssou N'dour, Oliver Ngoma and S.E Rogie. Those four can make even a drab Christmas feel great.

This morning, I dragged my boots through the slippery snow, came out of the driveway and looked out down the street, marvelling at the uniformity of the whiteness, feeling sorry for the struggling drivers who would always find an excuse to postpone that tire change until the first major snow fall. Snow and smooth tires engage in a  type of dance that no driver wants to get in.The snow always wins. Always.

I can guarantee that this morning, the folks at Discount Tires will have a brisk business. That's just the way life is. One man's inconvenience is another man's gain. If a mortician tells you business is slow, it simply means people are not dying quickly enough.

Sierra Leone and Minnesota on Christmas day are like two planets in different universes. Minnesota Christmas is white, windy and cold, with survival aided by mashed potatoes, green beans, turkey and gravy. On the cold Christmas night the police are always on patrol, to make your Christmas just a little bit more exciting if you had too much to drink.
Christmas in Sierra Leone is almost always sunny and dry. And oh, the food. Potato leaves, cassava leaves, that ubiquitous jollof rice. Not forgetting the Christmas three; Star Beer,  Heineken and Guinness. If you can't get these don't worry,  there is alway the reliable two, "Poyo" and "Omolay."
In Sierra Leone, most Christmases, we just celebrate being alive.
"Happy Christmas we nor die yo"
"Happy Christmas we nor die yo"
"Tell God tenki for we life oh"
"Tell God tenki for we life oh"

This 2015 Christmas in Sierra Leone, all the thanks to God for being alive are genuine. After the year long terrible Ebola virus scare that killed thousands, anybody who survived that terrible plague definitely has a reason to be thankful. This year there is truly a reason to tell "God tenki for we life oh."

My Bo School mate Allie Kabba, an aspiring Sierra Leone national politician was arrested on Christmas eve. In Sierra Leone popular people are not arrested.  We make it sound more civilized, more acceptable. He was invited to CID for questioning. Unfortunately he had to sleep overnight to complete the interview.
Allie Kabba has for long been one of the heroes of the injustice that has always been part of the history of Sierra Leone. Every generation has their heroes. Allie is a hero of this generation. Unfortunately Allie got involved in some complex bedroom politics. In Sierra Leone the dichotomy between national and bedroom politics is usually opaque. You just have to be careful whose bed you hop in. But as they say, you can't keep a good man down.

Christmas day in Freetown was horrible  for people living by the Safecon Gas Station at the popular Shell Company. Loud explosions rocked the quiet morning as fire ripped through the station creating an inferno, seen for miles,  that the local fire force was unable to tackle. They did their best with what they had. But unfortunately people could just watch as nature worked its damage. At the end, millions of Leones worth of damage and many severe injuries were left in its wake.

Sierra Leoneans are a tough people. War, poverty, disease, we've this had our fair share but each new year, we hope that thinhs will get better. This 2016 things may just get better. It is all that we can hope for.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Soccer Gala lifts Spirits in Segbwema

Home Based Warriors
Therefore was no better place to have been in Sierra Leone this Christmas day for soccer/football loving fans than in the Eastern Region city of Segbwema!
Paramount Chief Sheriff Coker Jajua

In a 90 minute hard fought slugfest held at the Segbwema town field, the visiting holiday makers team held the dynamic home based players to a surprising 3-3 draw in one of the most exciting matches the town has seen in a long while, much to the dismay of the spectators who had expected the home based to win by a significant margin.
Visiting Rangers

Following the kickoff by Njaluahun's dynamic Paramount Chief Sheriff Coker Jajua I, many people expected soccer maestro Brima Kallon and his relatively young home based squad to make easy work of the veteran holiday makers, some of whose active soccer days were well in the past. But in a classic case of experience over youthfulness, the visiting rangers nearly won the day, but for a controversial last minute penalty awarded to the home based team very close to the 90 minute mark.
Battu Leading Support 

The visiting side opened the scoring with a first half shocker by Alpha Tigana Mambu, when he deftly manauvered a Julius Foday pass around the stuned home based goalkeeper. The situation was not helped by a second crafty goal from the visitors netted by Thomas Allieu. The home based, not to be outdone, netted one against the visitors and the first half ended with a 2-1 scoreline in favor of the visitors.
Getting Ready

During the second half, the home based team put up an astounding performance but were able to find the net only once. By the end of the match the visitors were leading 3-2 on the strength of a third goal by Emmanuel Konuwa. However near the end of the game the home based were awarded a late penalty kick which they swiftly converted into a redeeming goal, leaving the visiting rangers stunned, resulting in a 3-3 tie.
Discussing Tactics

The mood around the field was festive throughout and many spectators felt that both teams deserved the draw.
The match was organized by the Njaluahun Development Organization under the auspices of the dynamic Paramount Chief Sheriff Koker Jajua. The end of the match was however met with news of a massive gas station explosion in Freetown and many people were worried about friends and relatives around that area of Freetown.

On Saturday the Njaluahun Development Organization will have a major meeting in Segbwema to discuss development issues related to the town.

From the Segbwema Correspondent
Segbwema Blog
Copyright 2015.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Trump Presidency: What a World that will be.

The Great Trump 
The thought of a Trump Presidency is by equal parts interesting, funny and scary. Imagine a leader of the free world who basically says anything thing that comes to mind, without thinking about the ramifications or the consequences of his words. He just says it like it is.

A President Trump would ban all Muslims from coming to the United States. That would include a ban on almost the entire Middle East with possibly the  exception of Christian Arabs and Israelis. This would of course not be including Arab Israelis who are mostly Muslims. It would also be a ban on possibly half of Nigerians or even half of the African continent, including the whole North Africa. It would be a Ban on almost all Indonesians, Malaysians, Pakistanis, Indian Muslims and Chinese. It would be also be a ban on most of the Bosnian population and a significant population of Europe. Now imagine if those countries responded by imposing retaliatory bans on the movement of Americans into their country? The world would sudden become a very small place to visit with an American passport. But does Trump care?

Trump would go to the Middle East bomb the oils fields of Iraq and take their oil, while at the same time banning most of them from coming to America. No movie script could be this cool.
The Greatest 

Now let us take Trump's plan for our neighbors, the Mexicans. According to Trump, the Mexican government for many years has been sending mostly the rejects of that country's society; the murderers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers and other bad types across the border into America. Most of the good Mexicans have stayed back in the home country while America has played home to those with the most evil of vices. Under a Trump Presidency all this would stop. A mighty wall will be built that will rival the Great Wall of China. He would do this of course, as he has been building all his life and he truly knows how to build.
Trump's wall will simply be the best the world has ever seen. After building the world he would calculate the entire cost, draw up an invoice, and hop on Air Force One, and fly on to to Mexico City. Where in an elaborate ceremony he will present the bill for the construction of the wall to the Mexican President. All relations with Mexico will be suspended until they pay the American government for the full cost of constructing the Great Wall of America. They will have to pay, as they will have no other option,  says Trump.
Trump may ban Winter 

For the Chinese, Trump has a plan to impose all types of barriers to trade and it would no longer be business as usual.  The Chinese have been winning for so long in all trade negotiations while America,  under weak leadership has been losing. Under Trump this would no longer happen. There would be restrictions even on the importation of fortune cookies and sweet and sour sauce. America will be winning once again,  all because of Trump. The Chinese will be forced to accept any trade condition Trump thought was fair
For our greatest enemy of all time, terrorist group ISIS, their days would be over the day Trump attends the swearing-in-ceremony. He would simply carpet bomb them into oblivion, civilians be damned.  He would nuke them if necessary. What's the use of a nuclear bomb if you can't use it?

The Russian President would of course be Trump's major ally, as he respects Trump, and the admiration is mutual. Together they would implement their individual nationalistic policies and grand agenda for the world, and both America and Russia would be great again, under the strong leadership of Trump and Putin. The  rest of the world be cowering in fear. It would be a glorious moment for strong leadership.

Trump has a simple plan for the millions of illegal immigrants in America. He is sorry, but they will have to go. All 11 million illegal immigrants will be loaded onto planes, boats, rafts and ships,  to be deported from America. If necessary they will walk to the American border. No amnesty, no exception. All children born by illegal immigrants in America will no longer be American citizens. America will still have legal migrants, but just no Muslims, Hispanics and poor Africans.

For the American poor and the disabled, their days of enjoying society's entitlements would soon be over. There would be no Obamacare. If you don't have a job, you don't get health insurance. Food stamps would be cut and the government would no longer be responsible for anybody. The government aint nobody's daddy. Everybody will have to tighten up their belts and work. Poverty will be eliminated by force as Donald Trump would be the greatest jobs creation President the world has ever seen. He will will force poverty out of America.

Some years ago, anybody who would have said all the things Trump has said over the past few months would have been laughed off a Presidential campaign forum. Unfortunately as of now, Trump is  the leader of the Republican race for the presidency of the  United States of America, and his lead appears to be unassailable. If Trump wins the Republican nomination and somehow were to go against all odds and become President, we are in for some interesting,  funny and scary four years. We just have to wait and see how much damage the Tea Party crowd is willing to impose on America in their bid to take their country again.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump has the Republican Party in a Choke Hold

I'm the Best
From yesterday evening there has been a parade of Republican big Whigs, all eager to get on TV and Cable networks and get the opportunity to publicly denounce Donald Trump's statement that there should be a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, even though he modified his stance today by stating that the ban would just be a temporary measure. According to Trump, there is no other choice.

Many Republican establishment leaders were on TV yesterday morning stating that Trump's statements did not reflect American values. Some stated that his views did not represent who they were and issued similar statements of condemnation, even though it must be pointed out that none of them came out outright to stated that because of this and other past incendiary rhetoric, if Trump were to ever become the party's presidential candidate they would not support him. Only few major Republican donors have come out to say as much. The rest of the Republican establishment is left confused and unable to react in any meaningful way to a candidate who is sounding like a far right nationalist fringe candidate every day, but still dominates the party polls by a wide margin.

Over the past few months, Donald Trump has decided to let correct political talk aside and touch raw nerves by saying exactly what many in the Republican Party secretly believe but most of their candidates are too scared to say. 
No Muslims in USA

Trump starting by launching a frontal assault on Mexican immigrants as mostly being the worst sort of criminals their country breeds; petty thieves and rapists, who their own government was eager to get rid off and was only too happy to push them to the US. To control the influx of these criminal elements he would build a wall which he would force the Mexican government to pay for. He then attacked one of the most respected members of the Republican Party Senator John McCain as not being a war hero but spent most of the war as a prisoner. He has even less respect for the other Republican contenders. In his view they were all either too weak, low energy, didn't have a clue or were just outright stupid.

In Trump's view, the solution of the problem in the Middle East was to bomb the areas and "take their oil." Remarkably, in spite all these outlandish statements, Trump's fate in the polls has only been boosted by the extremity of his incendiary  statements.  Now political pundits are saying once again that Trump may have finally reached his Waterloo by calling for an outright ban on Muslims entering the country and sounding everyday like the European fascist leaders who dragged their countries into the bloodbath and global catastrophes that were the First and Second World Wars.

But is Trump fading really true or is it just what the party establishment and the media would like to see? As far as I can see, Trump,s momentum currently seems unstoppable and he is just energizing the same crowd who for years have been led to believe that President Obama was born in Kenya, that the President was a Muslim and that Muslim values were totally un-American, the same crowd that gave us Senator Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and the rest of the Tea Party politicians. Only this time they seem to have found a Presidential candidate they can believe in.

Wise men say you reap what you sow. For many years the Republican establishment has allowed Tea Party rhetoric to slowly replace their compassionate conservative message. They have had politicians like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann tell their traditional voters that this country was no longer theirs and they have to "take it back." Politicians like Ted Cruz have been beating the drum all these years that Christian values were under attack by liberal leftist ideologues. Fox News has spent the last five years stoking every fear of a people who feel that their conservative ways were under attack, their religious institutions were under assault and alien ways were taking over the country. If you think that Donald Trump is extreme, then you must not have been listening to people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and the spin masters of right wing ideology who have for years preyed on the fears of the conservative base that Obama and his left wing liberal, Muslim loving and Christian hating ideologues were out to tear down their values. There has even been talk of Obama trying to secretly allow the imposition of Sharia Law into the country.

Many people today see what Trump is saying and draw parallels with Hitler's rhetoric that drew the world into the most bloody conflict in the history of mankind. Unfortunately Trump has just given popular face to the teachings of Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative ideologues. He has at last brought Tea Party ideology into the mainstream and the establishment is panicking. Isn't it any wonder that even where the party establishment gives these weak denunciations of Trump, Fox News, the major party mouthpiece never outrightly condemns him, but would instead shift the focus on Benghazi and Black Lives Matter? Is it any surprise that best Selling Conservative authors Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin have both endorsed Donald Trump? Ann Coulter is one of the best selling conservative authors in this country. Is there anything Trump says that Coulter has not said or written in her popular books?

The Republican Party has for many years courted fringe hate groups at the local level to win elections. Now that hate has come on the national stage, propagated by a candidate who does not give a damn about what anybody thinks as long as he is appealing to his audience, they are all rushing to say " this is not who we are!" Well the truth is this may not be who you are, but unfortunately this is what you have become. If you don't see yourself this way, take a mirror and look very closely,  because this is what many of us see when we look at you. As they say, you reap what you sow.